Value Workshop Shed


$ 2,244.00 USD
SHIPS IN 3-5 DAYS!! Value Workshop. Built in the USA with Amish craftsmanship. LP Smartside siding is primed and ready for paint | No Extra Cutting!! Pre cut and ready to be constructed | Screws, latches, handles and nails are includes along with Color Photo Instruction Manual | Customer is responsible for the Shingles, drip edge and paint | Made in the USA with Amish Craftsmanship | 1 Window incuded with 8' x 8', 8 x 10', & 10' x 10' wide units, 2 Windows included with 10', or wider, units | Premium LP smart side paneling grooved 8" O.C. treated to resist fungal decay and insect infestation | 2 x 4 wall studs are placed 24 in. O.C.

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Value Workshop Shed

Standard Features Include:

  • 7/16″ OSB roof sheeting
  • 3/8″ LP Smartside w/ 8″ on center grooves
  • 24″ on center wall studs
  • 5/8″ OSB flooring
  • 16″ on center floor joists
  • 4’x4′ pressure treated runners (prebuilt only)
  • Primed and ready to paint

DIY Storage Shed Kits

Little Cottage Co. has developed storage shed kits in a standard form which is easy to stock. Our kits come pre-primed, without shingles and drip edge for ease of inventory color issues. The customer builds their own floor. These are all items which the customer can purchase at a local home improvement store. Everything else is included in the kit.

The possibilities are endless...
Customize Your Playhouse

Additional Options Include:


All of the sheds in our Value line feature high-quality 3/8” Smartside wood-composite siding and trim, treated 2X4” floor-joists, and OSB flooring. Both pre-built and DIY kits arrive primed and ready for painting. Pre-built models come standard with 25-year shingles (on pre-built units). Customize your own width and length dimensions, ranging from as short as 8’ to as long as 24’.