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Frequently Asked Questions
In order to better serve our customers we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions.  Whether your question is before or after delivery we are here to help. If your question is not answered below, please feel free to contact us by calling (330) 893-4212 between 8am and 4pm EST to speak with a representative, or you can send us an email.Enjoy your playhouse with a lifetime of memories!

What is the difference between a DIY kit and a pre-built playhouse?

How are the pre-built playhouses delivered?

How will my kit be delivered?

How long does delivery take?

What type of foundation is necessary?

How tall is the playhouse?

What is drip edge?

Once the playhouse is in place, will be be able to move it?


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Don't have time for DIY?
Hire A Handyman!

At Little Cottage Co. we understand you may not have the time to DIY, but that is no reason to miss out on a great value. Try one of these sites to find a Handyman in your area to construct your kit!


Still have questions?
Contact us today, we're happy to answer them!

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