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Quality Children's Playhouses

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When you choose one of our quality Prebuilt or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Kit playhouses for your child, you are opening the door to his or her imagination. Whether they pretend to be an architect or interior designer as they decorate their new home, a librarian in their new reading room, a fireman in their new firehouse or a doctor or nurse in the hospital they just created inside their new playhouse, the possibilities are endless!

You will be helping your child’s imagination grow while creating those memories which will last a lifetime!

Our children’s playhouses give the kids a place to get away, give you the extra space you need and add to the beauty of your home!

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Made in the USA

Built right here in the USA, with the highest quality materials available.

Hand Crafted

The beauty and durability you've come to expect from Amish builders.





Cape Cod Playhouse - Panelized Kit with Floor & Chimney
Cape Cod Playhouse
The timeless elegance of a Cape Cod in a wonderful package that is perfect for your little ones. This quaint playhouse features beautiful accents and a front porch that will be sure to host great times with friends and loved ones.
Starting at
$ 3,172.00 
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Gingerbread Cottage - Panelized Kit with Floor & Chimney
Gingerbread Cottage
The Gingerbread Cottage features fancy gingerbread trim, a curved style roof, and a heart-shaped window. Encourage creativity and enter an imaginary world with this playhouse!
Starting at
$ 5,334.00 
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Grand Portico Mansion - Panelized Kit with Floor
Grand Portico Mansion
Boasting rich architectural design, our Grand Portico Mansion Playhouse has the classic styling of today's most noble homes, scaled down to the perfect size for kids! This playhouse is sure to be the talk of your neighborhood. Watch your child's imagination run wild as they play in this mansion of a playhouse!
Starting at
$ 23,798.00 
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Little Cottage Chapel - Panelized Kit with Floor
Little Cottage Chapel
The Little Cottage Chapel is perfect for family gatherings, personal devotionals, and special events such as weddings and baptisms. It’s also a peaceful retreat where you can read, reflect, and pray on a daily basis. Children and adult sizes available.
Starting at
$ 4,498.00 
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Pennfield Cottage Playhouse - Panelized Kit with Floor & Chimney
Pennfield Cottage
The Pennfield Cottage will give the little homeowner a wonderful shaded place to hold afternoon tea with friends, thanks to the appealing covered front porch! This model also features 2 dormers on 9x8 and 11x8 and 3 dormers on 11x10 and 11x12.
Starting at
$ 6,148.00 
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Sara's Victorian Mansion - Panelized Kit with Floor
Sara's Victorian Mansion
Sara's Victorian Mansion has everything your little one could ever want in a playhouse. Featuring elegant, traditional, Victorian style accents and a sprawling layout that will keep their imagination growing for years to come.
Starting at
$ 12,338.00 
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Stratford Schoolhouse - Panelized Kit with Floor & Chimney
Stratford Schoolhouse
The Stratford Schoolhouse is the perfect place for teachers and students of all ages. This design offers a wide open space for minds to grow and imaginations to prosper. Whether you’re home-schooling your kids or they’re home-schooling their dolls, whether you’re a teacher or a student, this structure provides the space to learn effectively.
Starting at
$ 4,498.00 
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The Craftsman Playhouse - Panelized Kit with Floor & Slide
Craftsman Playhouse
All the charm of the arts and crafts style, including covered porch, exposed rafters, and single dormer - in a size made to fit your children.
Starting at
$ 7,648.00 
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The Firehouse - Panelized Kit with Floor & Chimney
Firehouse Playhouse
The Firehouse offers any child a place to imagine themselves as a hero. With a fully operational fire bell, an “Engine #1” sign, and their very own “Firehouse USA” sign, your little hero is ready to rescue the world!
Starting at
$ 3,938.00 
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Victorian Playhouse - Panelized Kit with Floor & Chimney
Victorian Playhouse
This charming playhouse is a beautiful addition to the Little Cottage Co catalog. With its elegant Victorian-esque detailing, heart-cutout window, and flower boxes it’s sure to bring a smile to your child’s face.
Starting at
$ 4,610.00 
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World Famous Playhouses

World Famous Playhouses

Little Cottage Co. playhouses have been bought and shipped to countries all over the world, leaving smiles wherever they go. In 2011, one of our playhouses was featured in Holland's most popular Home & Garden Show. The reactions perfectly capture why we do what we do.

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